Guilty Pleasures

Naughty, just barely. Surprise your sweetheart with a basket full of pleasures for the both of you.

Included is…

  • A Bottle of Sparkling Grape Juice
  • Two Long Stemmed Wine Glasses filled with Candy Kisses
  • 2 Aromatherapy Fragrance Candles
  • A Book of Love
  • and Gourmet Chocolates

Luxurious bath products include…

  • Body Massage Oil
  • Body Lotion
  • Keepsake Tin of Foot Soak – (Cru-de Province)
  • Bath Saltz
  • Bath Tea Bag
  • Handmade Soap
  • Bubble Bath
  • a Loofah Sponge
  • Angel Dust (edible bath powder)
  • Novelties – Furry Hand Cuffs, Feathered Mardi Gras Mask
  • and a Feather Duster to tickle you pink!